Be A Man


Sometimes in life, we only have the things we have been told to us in this life because it’s not a game, mang. In the past few hundred years, we have seen the most advancement in the world in technology, weapons, and society, but many were sacrificed in this pursuit meaning lessly, which is a shame. One of the things no one every understands is no human being is perfect This is a scale model of war is what I tell people who don’t understand how we can fight this battle in life never allow an enemy to stop progress no matter what. Every war ever fought right there in presence of you is a story that has been drenched in suffering caused by those who believe they can force others to bend to a worse standard life since they are nothing. Because it’s always the same, some idiot tells a group of people a lie as an excuse to waste the precious gift that is life. You need help sometimes like when you car breaks down outside of town and all that is needed it the best roadside assistance. Continue reading

Move Forward

Moving forward no matter what in front of you is the most important thing you can do in this life even if it’s not easy to do since we can only truly live to the fullest when we have to overcome obstacles laid before us in this life. Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree; no one should make them afraid in this world that God has made what speaks to me since it speaks of the end where we can relax in the shade home we have done that until we’re old we must work to get to this place.  We move through life in our cellphone unlocking and Pokemon playing habits to hide our falirues ans dreams but moving down the road to were we need to be. Continue reading


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Few things in life help make us what we were meant to be, and one of this things is having goals, or which are expectations we have put on ourselves at different points in our lives. Depending on what steps we are currently taking to accomplish them and if we are are not on the right path it reminds us how to get back on. Whenever I’ve stayed at a point in my life when subjects aren’t driving me into better pursuits then I wasted my time being nothing, then I’ve discovered that it’s often due to me not progressing my prospectives with the methods I have chosen. Continue reading

Yes and No


The more we understand about the everything we want and the goals we crave, the more we want to learn about it so we can bring them into existence like dream truly lived. A self-propelled upward spiral develops casting into the sky of hope and a universe of possibilities, but knowledge and wisdom are the foundations of this great structure defining your life. People always tell you failure is not an option, and there is no bouncing back meaning it is the end which is false most of the things in this world created by mankind was forged from the flames failure because the difference between failing and truly losing is not giving up. Continue reading